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This course gives you the skills needed to get your share of success by setting up your own walking group! All contents were written by our rock stars team of outdoor trainers.


Walking Trainer Certification Course

Realize your dream and become a certified outdoor walking trainer.

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Being a certified professional by taking this course will ensure your clients that they are taken seriously in every step of the way to fitness.

Sarah Green — Pro Trainer & Franchiser

Here, at WEWALK, we put tons of thought and effort to get you the best guidance so you could pass it on to our trainees.

The skillset that we teach is vital in becoming a successful outdoor trainer. This is what makes WEWALK trainers better.

As a part of our mutual vision of being the best, we use high-quality learning platform so you will have a friendly, comfortable and easy way to become a part of our leading outdoor trainers.

Being a professional is hard work. To succeed, we brought you experienced and successful outdoor trainers to teach you what they already know and do. There is no better way to do it.

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What Our Students Have to Say

With the Help of WEWALK, I succeed to reach more people and more trainees than before. WEWALK’s method allows me to expand my clientele and to become relevant to a greater variety of people.
Mel Daimler
From New York, USA
As a franchisee at WEWALK, I have more time than ever before to be with my loving family and caring friends and still earn enough to maintain the same living standards as before, if not even higher.
John Altman
From Australia
I am practicing sports for more than 15 years, and I have always dreamed of turning my passion into a profession I can make my living from. At WEWALK I found everything I was dreaming for.
Mark Zoe
From Japan
It was so amazing to know I could have my own fitness business. At WEWALK I can get all support and information I need to get it right. Thanks for all your help.
Jackson Mccann
From London, UK

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