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The largest group walking chain presents you the innovative fitness concept . Our business model allows clients into become part of the WEWALK franchising family

Lee Lenk - CMO
Mark Smith — Founder & CEO

Our Story

The ambition for which WEWALK's walking groups were founded is to unite people with a shared interest in social walking, increasing public motivation to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. We are a worldwide organization with the ambition of implementing healthier habits in society

We pursue the unification of people with the mutual will of a healthier lifestyle. WEWALK established in favor to encourage people to embrace walking as daily activity.

Meet Our Lead Instructors

Learn more about our team and our Instructors backgrounds and skills. Our instructors are true leaders.

John Bruce

Triathlon Coach and Sport Therapist

Zee Stan

Weight loss practitioner, Personal Trainer, Health Coach

Alex Parker

Certified Personal Trainer and  Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Chris Noam

A martial arts, self defence and general sports trainer

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What Our Students Have to Say

"I have enjoyed many of the classes offered through WEWALK and really learn a lot. … The class was taught extremely well and provided grateful information."
Mark Feld
From Toronto, Canada
"I didn't really know what to expect because I had never taken an online course before. I definitely learned a lot; Now I understand the overall goals and practices"
Zen Chiu
From Australia
"My experience with the WEWALK online course has been exceptional, a 10! … Thank you! Thank you for such a high quality and demanding material!"
James Ginter
From Tokyo, Japan
"I feel that this course was an excellent experience that will help me start my own fitness business in the right direction. Thanks for all support and unique content."
Joe Martin
From London, UK

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