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Welcome to WEWALK’s course for certified walking- trainers! We wish to congratulate you on your decision to pursue your dream and turn your passion into a profitable profession. Our qualification is ideal for any individual who desires to conduct walking groups and exercises outside the gym environment and instruct people to live healthier. WEWALK’s Walking- Trainer Course was designed primarily to provide you the broadest and most excessive education program that will allow you to become the proud owner of a successful and profitable walking and lifestyle club.

Course Description

This course aims to educate about our most fundamental activity, walking, and how it can be appropriately used to increase healthiness and living standards. This course includes practical strategies to implement positive behavior changes, exercises, and tips on how to improve your outdoor fitness business. In each module, you will have video lectures, readings, fitness exercises, and a quiz. In chapter 15, you will have a final exam, after which, if complete successfully, you will earn our international diploma. Below, you will see our course objectives and find a guide to our course organization.

  1. Identify and explain walking training while understanding the meaning of personal’s trainer job and what it takes to become a successful walking club owner.
  2. Understand the walking training method and its benefits on the body and mind.
  3. Learn the basic concepts that are vital for running and developing a successful outdoor fitness business.
  4. Learn how to build a workout plan, execute different exercises and their functionality, how to assess clients’ needs and abilities, and how to incorporate your clients to embrace physical activity.
  5. You will get a more in-depth look into the diversity of walking fitness and learn about the different walking types and there benefits over other kinds of training.
  6. Learn how to become a leader, empower and motivate people, and advertise yourself efficiently.
  7. You will get an overall idea about different fitness businesses and jobs; personal one-man-show training business, official employment, and fitness franchising.

Key features demonstrated in this course include:

  • Practical walking exercises and training regimes.
  • The physical, mental and business benefits of walking training.
  • How to become a self–employed professional trainer and start, develop, and increase your business efficiently.
  • How to become a better leader and have a higher impact of influence over your trainees.

Additionally, in favor of ensuring that every one of you, our future graduates, will finish the course with sufficient professional knowledge and familiarity with a wide variety of fitness exercises, we added to each lesson a video of the “Daily Exercise!”. The “Daily Exercise” is an exercise you will learn at the end of every lesson.

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