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Welcome to the WEWALK Certification Course!

Congratulations on taking the first step to pursuing your dream of becoming a walking trainer. The WEWALK Certification Course qualification is the most advised method for those who want to turn their passion into a profession. If you intend to use your newly acquired qualification as a means of bolstering your business, launching a new venture or investing in a longtime hobby, the WEWALK Certification Course will advance you along your goals. Proceed with the course material below to unlock the new opportunities that await.

Note: With the WEWALK Certification Course designed to strengthen training credentials, the WEWALK Group Leader Course is built as a natural follow-up to the certification course. Focused on the practical elements of launching and leading a WEWALK walking group, the Group Leader Course is an excellent way to activate your new certification. The combination of the WEWALK Certification Course and the WEWALK Group Leader Course provide you with the ultimate combination of useful training and resources to progress as a successful walking trainer.

Course Description

This course aims to educate on walking, its benefits and its lifestyle impact. As the most fundamental activity to the WEWALK ethos, WEWALK is uniquely qualified to educate on this topic and is excited to offer a qualification course to interested individuals.

The WEWALK Certification Course offers practical strategies on how to improve your outdoor fitness business, including sample exercises, how to institute behavior change and general tips. In each module, you will receive a set of video lectures, readings, physical exercises, and a quiz. In Chapter 15, you will reach the final exam, after which you will earn the internationally-renowned WEWALK Certification.

Review the course objectives and and key features below.

Course objectives:

  1. Identify and explain the field of walking training
  2. Uncover what is required to become a successful walking trainer
  3. Understand the walking training method and how it benefits the body and mind
  4. Become familiar with the basic concepts of developing a successful outdoor fitness business
  5. Learn how to build a workout plan, execute different exercises, and assess client needs and abilities
  6. Equip with tools promoting yourself effectively
  7. Discover the diversity of walking fitness including different walking types and their benefits
  8. Learn how to become a walking leader by empowering and motivating others to embrace physical activity
  9. Explore the walking training industry, including relevant businesses, personal training and fitness franchising opportunities.

Key features:

  • Practical walking exercises and training regimens
  • Physical and financial benefits of walking training
  • Steps to becoming a self–employed professional trainer
  • Insights on launching and growing your business effectively
  • Leadership skills on influencing and engaging others

To ensure WEWALK – certified individuals graduate with a deep familiarity of fitness exercises, we included a “Daily Exercise” video in each lesson. The “Daily Exercise” is an opportunity to put into practice the theories and insights you learn in the lesson.

Course Content

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5 thoughts on “Walking Trainer Certification Course”

  1. Caroline Higginbottom

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this course, it has kept me sane and focused during the difficult Lockdown period, it was well put together and I look forward to doing something with my attainment.

  2. Eduardo Venceslau Silva

    Hi. I am Eduardo (aka Eddy Silva) and Im from Portugal. The course is great. I have a xtra support, knowledge and coffidence. Now i am a WALKING TRAINER!

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